Humanitarian Services

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides relief and development projects for
humanitarian purposes in countries all over the world. Projects operate without regard to the
nationality, ethnicity or religious affiliation of the recipients. The motivation behind this vast,
global work centers on the simple charge given by Jesus so many years ago to “love thy
neighbour as thyself.”

Donations, principally from Church members but also from other people from around the world,
are used to make relief projects possible. One hundred percent of the donations given to the
Church’s humanitarian services are used for relief efforts. The Church absorbs its own overhead

Humanitarian service includes emergency response to natural disasters, such as an earthquake or
a tsunami, or man-made disasters, such as the effects of war and famine. It also includes a
number of longer-term efforts to help address serious and more-entrenched human needs, such as
the need to alleviate disease. Humanitarian efforts also include countless projects and acts of
service on local and neighborhood levels.


Within hours of a disaster, the Church works with local government officials to determine what
supplies and food are needed. Materials are then immediately sent to the area. After urgent needs
are met, the Church looks for additional ways to help with the long-term needs of the community.
The Church’s approach is to help people become self-reliant by teaching skills and providing
resources for a self-sustained life.

The humanitarian services arm of the Church sponsors six ongoing global projects to help people
become more self-reliant. Initiatives include neonatal resuscitation training, clean water projects,
wheelchair distribution, vision treatment, food production and measles vaccinations.

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