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Second Asia Area Christmas Devotional Showcases Diversity of How Members “Let Your Light Shine”

A new video presentation that spans nine Asia locations with a focus on Christ-like acts of service and goodness at Christmas and all times.

The second edition of the Asia Area Christmas Devotional (AACD) was released Saturday on Church YouTube channels in nine languages. It is also available for local leaders who desire to broadcast in their unit during the month of December. The member-led video presentation, which runs almost 50 minutes, features a diverse showcase of the Church in Asia from nine locations performing and sharing a myriad of ways members demonstrate the theme “Let Your Light Shine” in emulation of Jesus Christ.

Coming together to produce a second AACD this year was an easy decision unanimous amongst the volunteer National Communication Council directors who spearheaded the original presentation last year. Last year’s production was nothing short of a Christmas miracle, created in just three months largely by untrained, non-professional volunteers who had to conceptualize their country’s five-minute nativity video submission or appear in front of the camera or recording studio for the first time in their lives.

It was a memorable experience for participants and audiences alike, with many Asia members delighted to see their rich cultures, languages and testimonies on display. YouTube viewership of the English version of the devotional also surpassed expectations, with 70% originating from countries outside the Asia area, particularly from the United States.

Having already retold the story of Christ’s birth in the inaugural AACD, this year the directors determined to take the production in a slightly different direction with an emphasis on Jesus Christ’s life, teachings and gifts to all mankind through His example. With the Light the World campaign theme of “Let Your Light Shine,” the various locations started preparing for their 2023 videos as early as May, giving them twice as long to put their hearts and souls into creating an even more worthy Christmas tribute to the Savior.

As a result, this AACD features new forms of storytelling such as documentary style, animation, narrative, and news reporting with a mix of original, Christ-centered and traditional Christmas music. Many scenes of the gospel in action, as lived through the service of members, abound through the devotional, adding a touch of gravitas and realism that resonates with viewers’ day-to-day lives. A summary of the key highlights from each video segment is mentioned below: 

Taiwan – A moving showcase of the faces, cultures, and dialects of native Taiwan based on a favorite children’s hymn.

Indonesia – A touching documentary of a young man facing and overcoming challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Malaysia – A charming animation about doing good set to choral music by and interviews with local young women.

Singapore – Filmed during a service project, it features interviews with members and volunteers to an original song.

Cambodia – A sweeping showcase of local worship, service and humanitarian efforts with a beautiful music solo.

Hong Kong – An inspirational documentary commentating on the impact of recent social challenges and members’ resilience.

Thailand – An uplifting narrative music video centered on the temple and members’ simple daily efforts for good.

India – An entirely volunteer-driven labor of love showcasing service projects across India to an original song.

Vietnam – A powerful narrative music video about human relationships unfolding to a stirring Christmas hymn.

As before, the promotional campaign for AACD 2023 features a trailer, poster, production photos, teaser clips and for this year, a 30-second preview of each segment on Church social media channels for the Asia Area. The full devotional is available in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Indonesian, Khmer, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese and also Urdu this year. Units across the Asia area can coordinate with their respective Area Seventy or Mission President to request a high-resolution version for in-person broadcasts.

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